Our Design Inspiration

The Octagon

At RoboThink, we increase value to our franchisees and customers through innovative and thoughtful branding. Our goal is to convey our passion as a STEM Education company to our customers to capture their hearts and imagination.

When we first created our brand, we wanted a universal design element.

All of RoboThink products use a patented octagon hole and stud connection system.

Therefore, we have crafted our brand design elements around the octagon.


RoboThink's unique font is inspired by octagons and RoboThink cells molded into a linguistic and visual system. The different components of the letter seem to combine together, just as RoboThink cells come together to create robots.


CMYK Color: C5 M0 Y76 K0

RGB Color: R247 G238 B96

HEX Color: #F73360

CMYK Color: C100 M20 Y0 K0

RGB Color: R0 G149 B218

HEX Color: #0095DA

CMYK Color: C0 M87 Y34 K0

RGB Color: R239 G72 B115

HEX Color: #EF4873

Meet the RoboThink 

Family of Robots




Big and lovable, Jodie is a large and very helpful robot, always eager to help other robots and humans alike. His favorite things to do is to teach and learn coding! He is very kind and friendly.


Tori is the youngest robot in the family. He is the most quiet, but loves building robotics and is always eager to learn something new.


Celly is the oldest robot in the group, patient and mature. He loves computer programming and is Jodie's best friend.



Cha-Cha is a fun loving robot that loves building other robots. Energetic, he always plays with the RoboThink robots that he has built. He can move around very fast and is highly energetic, unlike Tori, who is more reserved.



Roke is a flying robot that also enjoys coding like his friend, Jodie. He is mischievous

and a trouble maker due to his

ability to fly, but gets

along with everyone.

A Carefully Crafted

Color Palette




RoboThink’s products are comprised of a wide array of electronics, cells and gears. Each part is represented in minimalist form with an orange highlight that symbolizes action or motion.